Mission & Values

Vision Statement

To provide a progressive, creative, forward thinking environment, rich in opportunities for infants, young children, adults, expectant mothers and families to reach their full potential.

Mission Statement

To provide structure and guidance, joy and meaning for individuals and families through evidence based practices, art, education and other creative approaches.

Core Values

Integrity:  In service, in actions, in ourselves, in each other.

Creativity:  In programmatic and operational practices.

Fidelity:  Loyalty to innovative approaches to service design and implementation.

Partnership:  In establishing and maintaining community relationships that strengthen common goals.

Leadership:  To pioneer standards of service delivery that shatter long-held misconceptions regarding the aptitude, ability, and capability of those we support.

Communicate:  To share our ideas and activities so that our partners take part in our achievements and assist in moderating our concerns.

Stability:  Financial readiness, transparency, and efforts to sustain sound business practices.

Health and Well-Being:  For our employees, the people and families we support, and the communities we serve.

Capacity Building:  Meeting current and future opportunities and challenges.

Culturally Responsive:  Effectively promoting respectful, sensitive, and proactive approaches to diversity.