Advisory Policy Council

What does Policy Council do?

  • Offers a parent and family point of view.
  • Serves as  a link to parent committees, The Enola Group governing board, public and private organizations, and the commnity.
  • Assists in communicating to other parents enrolled in the program.
  • Assists in planning, coordinating, and organizing program activities.
  • Approves personnel decisions regarding employment of Early Head Start staff.
  • Approves annual re-funding application.
  • Assists in decisions regarding EHS program budget and Policy Council budget.
  • Reviews and suggests change to program policy.
  • Establishes and maintains procedures for working with Early Head Start staff to resolve community concerns about the program.

Who can serve on Policy Council?

  • The Policy Council members are parents or primary caregivers of currently enrolled children as well as community representatives.
  • Individuals may serve on the Policy Council for a maximum of three years, if elected annually.
  • Policy Council members re-elected from the prior year provide invaluable expertise and leadership to the group.
  • Community representatives consist of:  1)  Past parents who want to continue to contribute; and 2)  Representatives from the local community organizations that work on behalf of families in need.


Where are meetings held?

  • Policy Council Meeting are held at the Caldwell Family Resource Center located at 609 Harper Avenue, Lenoir  NC
  • Meetings are scheduled for the 3rd (third) Tuesday of every month from 4pm to 5:30pm. 
  • Dinner and childcare is provided.

 What can you expect at meetings?

  • A week before the meeting, you will get an agenda via US postal or email.
  • You will receive a reminder call the day before the meeting.
  • You will have informational handouts to read and discuss.
  • Some of the handout information will require a vote for approval from Policy Council.  You may hear many different opinions during a required vote topic.  Your responsibility is to be the voice to the Policy Council from the parents in the Early Head Start program.
  • This is a great opportunity to participate and promote Early Head Start as well as having fun and enjoying time with other parents!

Interested in becoming a Policy Council Member?