Neighborhood Connect

​​​​​​Neighborho​od Connect offers and creates a supportive environment for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities through creativity, art, and social interactions. Those served have the opportunity to gain a sense of community with their peers through access and participation in a variety of activities in a safe and meaningful way. Neighborhood Connect does this by creating and mobilizing activities to facilitate participation in activities that focus on creativity and art, volunteering, and making friends at group “get togethers.” Activities are free to participants and participants are often paired with activity coaches to support their full engagement. The program reaches out to those in the community who may not otherwise be able to access these opportunities due to lack of funding or the difficulties families have in finding fun, supportive, and meaningful activities.

One participant says, "[Neighborhood Connect] gets me out. Gets me something to do besides watching TV. I like being with friends too!"

A community member offered support by sharing, "I just wanted to thank you and let you know your work here is noticed. To families like mine, with special needs children and adults, we feel alone in the world at times. I hope this program continues to grow with your guidance."

Here's a bit of about who we are!

Please consider donating to The Enola Group Neighborhood Connect so activities can continue to be provided at no cost to the participating adults or their families. 

For more information about Neighborhood Connect please contact

Mandy Olivieri, Project Coordinator

828-604-4906 or email at

The Enola Group Neighborhood Connect | Facebook